CRE in Teacher Education Partner Interviews

Mar 17, 2010 by Bill

This episode features brief interviews with folks working with the Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) project. We met at St. Edwards University in Austin March 4-5, 2010. People interviewed include Tricia Jones, Christa Tinari, Clare Salkowski, Loren Weybright, Terri Filbert, Sonya Zumbiel, Pam Lane-Garon, and Carol Lieber-Miller.

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Conflict Resolution Education Resources Website
Website developed by Bill Warters to support the CRETE project.

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Finding Hidden Gems Online

Dec 16, 2006 by Bill

This podcast is from the Emerging Technology for Scholars series Bill Warters hosts for the Office of Teaching and Learning at Wayne State University. We explore tips for searching the so-called invisible web and how to take advantage of open access repositories and learning objects collections. The slides from the session, quite helpful to have while listening, are available as a pdf at

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Slides from this Session
These slides from the session provide links to many of the sources I'm reviewing during the podcast.
Learning Objects Collections Listing
This is a nicely organized and annotated list of Learning Objects collections that we review in the podcast.

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Automated Info Gathering Tools for Scholars

Nov 11, 2006 by Bill

This is an enhanced podcast (ie you’ll want to listen to it in itunes and watch the slides and hotlinks that are included) from a session on automated information gathering tools of interest to academics. Topics included RSS for syndication, journal and news alert services, tag watchlists, and web scraping tools. The session, hosted by Wayne State University’s Office for Teaching and Learning, features Bill Warters.

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Quick Update from Bill

Feb 9, 2006 by Bill

Just a quick message to let people know I’m still here and to let you know I did some site maintenance work that may have caused feeds to update in an unusual fashion if your “podcatcher” reads the old files as new after the rebuild of our site. Also of interest is the finally released online audio recording tools over at Pretty slick.

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Odeo site
An online podcast site with tools for recording and sharing audio using your computer and a flash-based recorder or by calling in by phone.

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Fun File - Mock Interview with President Bush

Oct 11, 2005 by Bill

This one-minute audio file of a mock interview of President Bush was made using a new web-based service called Using a nifty Flash and an AJAX-type interface, you can create audio files by mixing together various clips. To encourage people to test the service, you can make an interview of yourself talking with Bush and then email to friends and colleagues. The built-in mic on the machine I made it on wasn’t great, but for an experiment it should be okay…

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Podomatic Online Audio tools
A new web-based service (still in beta testing) for making audio mash-ups.

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